Where Is Your Team Spirit?

With a new team, morale takes time to develop. Two key factors influence the growth of team spirit, shared experiences and communication. If you want to build team pride or maintain the momentum  you have, these are the areas in which to focus.

1. Shared Experiences. Shared experiences is what brings people together. There are many types of shared team experiences: challenges, creative, discovery, learning, entertaining, winning, and losing. A workplace team is also strengthened through different type of events. As a leader, how can you create shared experiences that will strengthen your team? Don’t wait for these to happen by accident. Plan them and follow through. Teams that lack team pride are easily spotted because they tend to work in silos unaware of how collaboration could increase their results.

2. Communication. Communication is a process. Being an effective communicator is one of the most important skills that will help your team. Without communication, you have no team. Yet many leaders fail to communicate adequately. To build a capable team you must communicate effectively to every team member. Not all people receive a message the same way. A message can be delivered through the written word, through spoken words, through visual messages. Some people only need to hear a message one time, other may require hearing it multiple times before they understand its importance. As a leader, you must discover how to communicate to your team members. It is not easy. It takes effort and practice.

What can you commit to this week that will improve your team’s communication, or create a shared experience?