Does Your Team Have an Edge?

John Maxwell has said, “The difference between two equally talented teams is leadership.” Does your team leadership provide the edge your team needs? A successful team needs to put in the work, and it also needs talent and tools. But without leadership, its achievements are limited.

What does great leadership look like for a team? Leaders help develop the talents their team possesses. Leaders enable quick learning, and effectively utilizes knowledge from both wins and losses. Team members are empowered, and develop a sense of responsibility for the results.

I have been on teams where I have had to provide the leadership foundation. I have also been on teams that struggled with a lack of leadership. But what I find interesting is that as a member of a great team, you sometimes don’t recognize fully the contribution of the leader. Leadership in some environments can be subtle, but yet required.

Leadership is simply the ability to influence the outcome. Learn to build positive influence in all types of environments and you will give your team an edge.

If you are the leader of a team, are you providing the right environment to give your team the edge? What will you do differently starting this week to advance your team?