Are You Willing to Travel the Road to Success?

In a recent interview, when asked what he does in his spare time, Elon Musk said, “usually it’s work more.” Without a doubt, success is hard work. Most of us are not willing to put in the required work to reach the heights of success like Elon Musk.

Many people I coach have specific goals they want to achieve. Some are held back contained within their comfort zone. Others never test their limits because they just aren’t willing to put in the effort.

Successful people tend to be very focused and intent on achieving their goal. What we look at someone that is highly successful, we sometimes don’t see the  sacrifice they have made. They may have sacrificed time, money, relationships, or hobbies.

Successful people still have those things. But along their journey they gave up something to stay focused on their goal.

We all want success, but there is a limit to how much we are ready to sacrifice. Having a limit is fine. Knowing that sacrifice is required, and our limit, shouldn’t we be able to make better decisions?

The 3 A’s Which Create Today’s Success

You want to have a great day today? Tony Robbins said, “Although we cannot always control the events in our lives, we can always control our response to them, and the actions we take as a result.” It is true we cannot control all of the obstacles around us, but we can take control of our day in regard to the three A’s: attitude, awareness, and action.

1. Attitude: Your attitude is 100% within your control. Don’t let outside influences define your attitude. It can be so easy to let yourself get depressed, frustrated, or even angry because of your circumstances. But don’t let it happen. The day will only be as good as your own attitude.

2. Awareness: Make today special. What is on your agenda? How can you make the most of it? Every day is unique. Every day has the opportunity to be very significant and very successful. Become aware of your opportunities every day.

3. Action: You don’t accomplish your goals without action. If you are waiting for something to happen, don’t. What is the best action you can take today that will help you achieve your goals? Do it. Make it a priority. Don’t let yourself be distracted from accomplishing your main goal today.

Do the three A’s seem too simple to be effective? Keeping things simple can help us be more consistent. Focus on the three A’s a during your day, every day, and you will enjoy a lot more great days!

6 Essential Strategies to Achieve Your Dream

I have been lucky enough to help many people define and pursue their dream. I have also taught from John C. Maxwell’s book, Put Your Dream to the Test. Through coaching I have discovered that people get stuck for many reasons. But if you have a dream, and you can answer these 6 questions positively, you have the potential to be successful if you choose to be.

 1. Do I see my dream clearly? Your dream needs to have clarity. You need to know the details of what you want to achieve. You are the only one that can define your goal. If you struggle with this question, then you may need to reflect on why it is your goal. What is it you really want?

2. Is it achievable? I am a strong believer that we can achieve anything that work towards. But this question is the reality check. I know at age 54, and being only 5’5″ tall, I will never play professional basketball. No matter how hard I try. This question is not meant to diminish your dream. In fact, I encourage the opposite, dream big.

3. Is it fed by my passion? Accomplishing a big dream requires time and energy. If you are not passionate about what you want to achieve, you will fall short. You will get distracted by other things, or you will lack the energy to follow through. If your dream supports your passion, you will be energized by the work.

4. Are there others I can count on to help me achieve this dream? Many of us think we can achieve our dream by ourselves. It is seldom the case. Achieving anything of value in this world requires other people. We need supporters, mentors, coaches, friends, and team members. If you want to put your journey on track, make sure you are connecting with the right people along the way. If you go on this journey alone, you are likely to be stopped by obstacles you encounter.

5. Am I committed to be persistent? Do you know someone that jumps from project to project, idea to idea, or from one activity to another, and struggles to finish anything? Successful people have learned that success is not a result, but an ongoing process. You must be able to accept the mistakes, obstacles, and failures that lead to success. There is no short cut. You have to overcome the barriers and not be distracted.

6. Does my dream serve the world? This question may take you by surprise. It is your dream after all. But your chance of success increases greatly if others see value in your dream. If your dream provides a positive impact on the world, your company, your team, your family, or your friends, finding support for success becomes easier. Giving is a far greater reward than receiving. When you achieve your dream, how will other people be impacted?

I have seen these 6 questions in action. My wife, Angelica Brown, inspires me as she pursues her dream. This year she launched a clothing company, AngeliCotton. I have seen her effort, dedication, and desire to provide product quality unsurpassed in this industry.

Her dream is clear, achievable, and fuels her passion. She has assembled an international team for support. She works from sunrise to sunset. And her dream serves others in many ways. The most visible is the donation of 10% of profit to charities which help women and girls in need.

It has been exciting to watch Angelica create, build, and launch this company. Please check out her current campaign on Kickstarter. Grab some inspiration, evaluate your dream, and ask yourself these 6 questions.




Make Time to Think

Highly successful people are skilled at turning ideas into actions. They are not burdened with dreams that they fail to pursue. It is not just the actions that make them successful. Success comes from their thoughts and ideas.

During your busy day, how much time do you set aside for thinking? I would suggest that for most of us, it is not enough. We are too busy with the actions. We are too busy working to get things done.

And when we do get a new idea, we seldom take the time to explore it deeply. We either add it to our to-do list, or we discard it without any further thought.

How can we increase the value of our ideas? We need time to think. Daily.

There are times when I find myself overwhelmed with possibilities. Frustrated because I cannot find time to implement all the ideas I have captured. When that happens, I recognize that I have not given myself enough time to think. Ideas need to be considered, evaluated, challenged, tested, and explored. If you give an idea the proper time to marinate, implementation becomes infinitely easier, quicker, and more effective.

The proper amount of time can be difficult to measure. But with practice, you become more skilled in this area. If you sit too long on an idea, it can become stale. You lose the passion and the energy that first arrived with the idea. Learning how to think about an idea is a skill.

If you are not taking time to think about your ideas daily, I suggest you set aside some time to think. Schedule it. Try it for 30 days. I believe you will find it will increase your effectiveness, and success.