The Satisfaction of Achievement

If you can master a task in less than thirty minutes, at best it will provide very short term satisfaction. But when we spend our time, money, and effort to master a skill over years, the satisfaction that it brings can be life long.

Why can we be so impatient when it comes to achievement? At times I wonder if the pace that we demand achievement has damaged some of our foundational values.Know what you want to achieve.

1. Know your yourself and your achievement goals. Do you have the right goal, and are you equipped to achieve it? Where can you grow yourself and your knowledge to increase your ability to achieve?

2. Invest the time. Make time every day to take one step closer. Twenty minutes a day of effort is over 120 hours a year. If you spent this time dedicated to growing yourself towards your goal, what would be the impact? What if you spent twenty minutes a day for ten years? Do you have the commitment to yourself?

3. Enjoy the process. Be happy about the time you spend growing yourself. Find an alignment that makes it enjoyable, not a chore. Make it fun, and it will become a journey that fills you with satisfaction.

Make a difference in your environment by linking your foundational values with your achievement goals. What are you working on today that brings you satisfaction?

This Too Will Pass

Nothing in life lasts forever, and with time, all things change. Do you feel like your life is in an unhappy state? Are you stuck in a rut? It will pass! Sadly, this also applies to the good times as well. All will fade with time.

We should have plans and goals, but we can be assured that life rarely follows the best laid plans. Learning to face the ups and downs with a positive attitude can help smooth our path. Today’s challenges will only be history tomorrow.

We can’t control all the factors that affect us each day, so what can we control? We can learn to maximize the sweet times and minimize the sour ones.

Practice Your Leadership

Leadership is not a skill that is developed accidentally. Leadership is learned. We learn through our every day interactions. We learn from others when we choose to lead or when we choose to follow.

The opportunity that is typically lost in today’s fast paced business world is practicing our skills every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the time to think about the interactions we are going to have today, and plan to get better? Maybe a checklist would help us think about different aspects of the discussions we have scheduled.

Well, you can! Change the way you think about your leadership, and implement some daily practice. What will work for you to get better at leadership relationships?

What Is Your Level of Commitment?

Commitment is visible to those on your team. You know what it looks like. It is the guy that never gives up. The person that keeps searching for the way to succeed. The woman that brings a positive attitude and a drive for the goal.

Are you as committed as you should be? Here are some things that you should consider if you want to be recognized as the person that was committed to the team’s success.

1. Set the example. Don’t wait to see if others are on board. Always bring your “A” game.

2. Increase your influence. Collaborate. Ask questions. Build bridges. Add value. Helpful participation increases your influence with the team.

3. Never stop learning. Finding success is usually accomplished by learning something new, or changing the way you do something. Keep a learning attitude to be ready for new ideas.

4. Have the persistence to succeed. Accept that success takes time and effort. If it was easy, the rewards will be less.

What does commitment look like for you?