What Is Your Level of Commitment?

Commitment is visible to those on your team. You know what it looks like. It is the guy that never gives up. The person that keeps searching for the way to succeed. The woman that brings a positive attitude and a drive for the goal.

Are you as committed as you should be? Here are some things that you should consider if you want to be recognized as the person that was committed to the team’s success.

1. Set the example. Don’t wait to see if others are on board. Always bring your “A” game.

2. Increase your influence. Collaborate. Ask questions. Build bridges. Add value. Helpful participation increases your influence with the team.

3. Never stop learning. Finding success is usually accomplished by learning something new, or changing the way you do something. Keep a learning attitude to be ready for new ideas.

4. Have the persistence to succeed. Accept that success takes time and effort. If it was easy, the rewards will be less.

What does commitment look like for you?