There Is Always One or Two

When I am working on a project with a team, it seems that there is always one or two people that distract the group from their goal. It could be that they actively speak out against the plan, or they could silently disrupt progress behind the scenes.

Here are some strategies that will help you overcome the rabble-rouser.

  1. Focus on the majority. – The simple method is to just ignore the person that is disrupting the group. If you are able to move forward with the majority of the group, then you are able to gain momentum.
  2. Address the issue with the person separate from the group. – Confronting the rebel in front of the group will only justify their message. So pull them to the side and try to resolve the issue discreetly.
  3. Create wins to show the group the progress. – People want to be on the winning side. Get some small wins and you will begin to over come any opposition.

There is always someone that will stand in your way on your path to success. Find a way around and don’t lose too much time thinking about it.