5 Things to Consider About Leadership

Leadership has many definitions and can be described by many attributes. Here are 5 critical attributes of leadership to consider if you want to be a better leader.

  1. Character. People recognize your character. It is what is visible to others. Character is what you say, what you do, how you respond to challenges, and how you react to changing circumstances. A leader must have character that attracts others. Strengthen your authentic character and you will strengthen your leadership potential.
  2. Commitment. Can you think of one great leader that did not show great commitment to their cause? I am not sure there are any. People do not want to follow someone that gives up easily. You must pursue your goal through adversity if others are to believe you are committed.
  3. Courage. People like to back an underdog because the underdog is willing to take a risk and put everything on the line to win. Are you willing to take risks? Is your leadership able to influence people to find success where others have given up? People won’t follow courage paired with stupidity, but they will follow courage paired with intelligence.
  4. Passion. Passion on the simplest level is loving what you do. When you love what you do it shows. People can sense passion. When you have it, the passion amplifies other attributes of leadership. Passion is the multiplier effect.
  5. Responsibility. When you are responsible, you get the job done. You take ownership of both failure and success. Responsibility is the trait that keeps you working long hours to meet deadlines, even when they are self-imposed. Responsibility provides the constant desire to achieve your commitments. People will follow a leader that takes responsibility for the team.

Leadership grows through experience and the desire to get better. If you reflect on your leadership in the last week, what attribute would you want to strengthen?