5 More Things to Consider About Leadership

Leadership is complex. There are many skills that play a part of being a great leader.  After last week’s article I know I just touched a few. Here are five more to characteristics to consider.

  1. Vision. A leader must have a vision of the future. People don’t follow someone that is not working towards some new goal. Even though people resist change, there is no need for them to follow someone without a vision.
  2. Communication. Of course you need to be able to communicate the vision. If you cannot communicate your plan, no one will want to follow. Effective communication is not just telling the story, it is connecting the audience to the story.
  3. Listening. Since communication requires both talking and listening, this is a skill that cannot be overlooked. It requires practice. Listening helps you connect and can set you apart from other leaders if you do it well.
  4. Competence. This seems like a bit of cheating to list competence here. To be a good leader, you need to be a good leader, right? I think it belongs on this list because a great leader is always learning to be a better leader. Being a life long student of leadership can improve your skills.
  5. Serving Attitude. A true leader serves others. With this attitude people will follow you because you have aligned your path with theirs. Include their individual needs with the needs of the team and your success will be amplified.

Well that is more to consider when you want to increase your leadership skills. What are you doing this week to increase your influence with others? How can you practice growing these skills?