The New Year

It is that time again. Millions of people will make resolutions for the new year that they will never keep. Are you in that group of people?

I tend to make more resolutions than I should, and many I fail to achieve. That doesn’t mean I should stop trying.

This year I invite you to join me in making a resolution. Decide what you want to change for 2019. We can be successful this time.

Here is the question that could make the difference between success and failure. “What action do I need to take today to stay on track of achieving my resolution?”

Ask yourself that every day, and then take the action. Most people fail because they don’t follow through with the action that will help them.

Ask it every day. Because the second cause of failure with a resolution is the discipline and persistence needed to complete it.

Simple? Take action every single day. If you and I commit to that one plan, we will find success.