Where Is That File?

When I am putting away the clean dishes in my kitchen, I know where to place them. There is a shelf for plates, a shelf for drinking glasses, a drawer for silverware, a drawer for cooking utensils, a cabinet for cutting boards, etc. There are not two drawers where we keep forks.

But yet, when I am looking for a specific computer file, well let’s just say that I know what directory it should be in!

My computer directories are organized, at least compared to what I have seen from others. But yet, I can select any folder on my computer, look at the list of files, and I won’t know what some of them are without opening them.

I don’t believe that I am the only person that has encountered this situation. I can do better at organizing my files and naming my files. Too many times I let programs automatically name my files. Maybe you too have a photo named CIMG3098.jpg.

Why am I even writing about this? Last week my hard drive crashed. I lost my most recent data. I did have a backup of most. Trying to recover has caused me to reconsider the amount of organization it takes to be efficient on a computer.

I can put away the dishes in my kitchen quickly. Getting to the same level of efficiency in putting away files takes a bit more planning. The benefit comes from finding the file you need, at the time you need it. It should keep me from screaming, “Where is that file?”

Hard drive crashes happen. My recovery plan will include better data backup, and better file organization. This event is an example of how to turn set backs into improvements. I have learned some lessons. Can you learn from my mistakes?