Take a Personal Retreat

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Sally Berger

Do you ever feel like starting over? Sometimes we stall out. We take a wrong path. We can’t seem to find our way. Perhaps we just don’t feel the energy that we once felt about our goal.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

1) Take a Retreat:  Take a break from the day to day routine. Sometimes we just need a break from the normal day to spark us forward.

2) Review Your Purpose: Schedule some time to reflect on your purpose, your goals, and how they are connected to what you are trying to do everyday. Sometimes we need to realign our actions or our vision.

3) Review Your Short Term Plan: Are you taking the right steps daily? Sometimes it helps to think about the long term goal, and break it down into shorter views of that goal. For example if you have a goal to be the best public speaker you can be in 5 years, think about what that would look like in 4 years, 3 years, 2 years, and 1 year. Then what steps do you need to take daily to hit the one year vision.

 “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

Good luck and enjoy a break when you need it!

Be Even More Positive

I have written many times about the power of being positive. Hopefully everyone that is reading this has challenged themselves to live more positively. This morning, I was thinking about how to be more positive. How could we take the positive energy we start with each morning, and turn it up to a whole new level.

Here are some ideas:

1. Identify your highest priority action for the day and do it first. Have you ever had something you needed to do, but did not really want to do? Usually we leave it till later in the day, trying to postpone it if possible. It becomes a grey cloud hanging over you on a sunny day. Sometimes the best action is just do it. What ever needs to be done today, just do it first. Get it done. The rest of the day will feel much better.

2. In every interaction you have with another person, give them something positive. The key concept in this idea is every time. When you say good morning to someone take a moment to ask them about their day. When you meet people for work, in your community, at the grocery store, or wherever, give them positive feedback. Thank them. Recognize them. These actions will take very little time from your schedule, but will make the entire day have a positive tone with everyone you meet.

3. When you find yourself in a negative situation, turn it around. If you walk into a conversation that is not very positive. Insert yourself, and make it positive. Find a way to bring up positive results, positive actions, and positive attitudes. This may be very challenging in certain situations, but can lift the spirit of the entire group.

What ideas do you have to bring more positive energy to your life?


Serving Others

“You must love your people more than your position.” – John Maxwell

A true leader serves others. Put others before yourself, and your leadership will grow. It seems counter intuitive. You want others to look to you for guidance and advice, but the more you push your agenda, the less they respond.

To gain influence you must find a way to meet them on their ground, with their objectives. Here are four ways you can serve others.

1. Stop trying to control others. Encourage people to experiment, make mistakes, and find their own solutions. Support them in their growth, and let them be more successful than you.

2. Start listening to others. Too many times we have a message that we feel is important to be said. Others do as well. Listening more than you talk will increase your ability to make others successful.

3. Start serving others. Put time in your agenda to help others. Don’t have an agenda, but learn how you can assist them with their agenda. Make time for the projects of others.

4. Take a risk that will benefit others. Taking risks is not easy. When we take risks it is because the benefit is greater than the risk. Taking a risk for someone else’s benefit is even harder. But a true leader will find times when it is worth the effort and will jump without knowing the outcome just for their people.

When you begin to serve others, you multiply the success of everyone in many ways. You develop win-win outcomes instead of win-lose. Maybe it is time to review your agenda and think about how you can increase your dedication to your team.

Get Out of Your Own Way

“Looking back, my life seems to be one long obstacle course, with me as the chief obstacle.” – Jack Paar

Your road to success is filled with roadblocks, detours, and stop signs. Unfortunately, the biggest roadblock is probably you.

Most people like to think success is easy, and it will happen in the future. But if you are not working toward success every day, then it is further away than you think.

Abraham Lincoln said, “I will get ready, and then perhaps my chance will come.” Too often the chances come and go, and we are not prepared. In most cases we do not even recognize them.

Making progress every day requires some thinking, some action, and some discipline. If you cannot answer the following questions, you may want to set aside a day, and reflect on how you can get started.

1. What is my purpose?

2. What talent do I bring to the world?

3. What is my plan?

4. What are my priorities?

5. What system do I use that helps me stay focused and disciplined to follow my plan?

6. How well am I doing?

They are tough questions. You probably don’t have great answers for them all. But I am sure the answers are within you. Success awaits. Set aside time to build your plan for achievement.