The Ugly Truth About Productivity

We use electronic calendars, to-do lists, email, text messages, and other tools to improve our personal productivity. But the ugly truth is that regardless of your level of organization, productivity is a result of your actions.

When we look at productivity, we can divide our time into three areas: thinking about the work, organizing the work, and doing the work. All three are important, but productivity is based on what you actually do. Productivity is maximizing the work.

If you are like most people there are actions that are difficult. There are activities that would be very beneficial, but we shy away from them because they are outside our comfort zone. We fear rejection. We fear failure. We fear what others might think.

As a coach I recognize that we all have a barrier between what we want to achieve and where we currently are. Most people have a difficult time pushing themselves through the barrier without help or support. A coach plays a powerful role in the ability of a person to do more.

Think about some of the big goals you have for your career or your life. What actions are you not doing that are required to achieve these goals? Would a coach help you step out of your comfort zone, and move forward? If you would like to know more about using a coach, just let me know.

Want to Be a Good Example?

John Maxwell has said, “It’s easier to teach what’s right than to do what’s right.” So if we want to be a good example for those around us, we need to be as good as we think we are. Intentions alone do not set the example.

Setting an example also requires being visible, and interacting with people. If you are the best you can be, but working alone, then who are you an example for?

Those two thoughts deserve some reflection time. We would all like to be good, and set a good example. Review your activity in the last week. Have you had opportunities to be visible, and be engaged, and yet you choose actions that isolated you? Have you chosen actions that were easier, and maybe not shown how good you can be?

Colin Powell said, “You can issue all the memos and give all the motivational speeches you want, but if the rest of the people in your organization don’t see you putting forth your very best effort every single day, they won’t either.”  People around you will only give their best if they see you giving your best.

What are you going to do the next week that reflects your best? What are you going to do to make those actions more visible to those around you?