Three Things Everyone Needs to Know About Leadership

Leadership should be important for everyone. Whether you are leading a team, an organization, or just yourself, leadership skills are linked to your personal success.

Everyone knows a least one person that was promoted to a leadership position before they were ready. These people stand out in our memory because of the mistakes they make, and usually their fall from a leadership position.

I remember one such individual, Frank, who upon their promotion promptly changed their work habits. Frank’s daily routine became “observing and managing” his employees. He complained about their methods. He pushed them for more output, and complained when they failed. Productivity fell about 18% and Frank was replaced.

This story repeats itself over and over in many businesses and organizations. If you want the chance to lead, and be successful, you need to be intentional about preparing yourself.

Understanding these three keys of leadership potential is important:

1. Your success is limited by your leadership skill.

You will never be more successful then your ability to lead. John Maxwell describes this as the “Leadership Lid”. Your leadership skill limits your potential.

2. You can increase your leadership skill and your potential for success.

The good news is that leadership skills can be learned. No one is perfect in all areas of leadership. Great leaders continue to develop their skills and build a team to help compliment their weaknesses.

3. Leading yourself is 80% of the job.

Preparing to lead others is easier if you learn to lead yourself. Make the effort to be the best you can be. Learn to connect and help others. If you can add value to your team, your co-workers, your friends, then you are heading in the right direction.